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Welcome to our website dedicated to providing support and resources for women during the various stages of their life with a special focus on menopause. We understand that each woman’s journey through menopause is unique and personal. While menopause is a natural and inevitable part of life, it can also bring about a range of physical and emotional changes. Our goal is to provide you with the information and tools you need to manage your symptoms and embrace this new phase of life with empowerment,  confidence, and grace.

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Your Menopause Specialists

A Holistic Approach To Wellness

A Pap smear is just one component of a long list of things that should be a part of your annual women’s health visit, so making that appointment is important, whether you are due for a Pap smear or not. 

At BioConnect Medical we specialize in women’s wellness by taking a holistic approach to medicine and overall health. When you come in for your initial consultation or annual visit, an examination and ultrasound are part of the process, but equally important is the opportunity you have to simply talk with your physician. 

This is a time for your doctor to assess your overall health, confirm if you are up to date with your screening tests and address any questions you have regarding your health and guide you through changes you may be experiencing as your body ages. This type of listening is particularly required in instances of hormonal imbalances in general and during the menopause transition where there could be a variety of symptoms present, such as weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, and low libido that are not easily recognised and connected. 

Many patients choose us because of our ability to provide a continuum of care throughout the phases of life. The conversation obviously changes, as the questions we hear from a teenager are quite different from those that come from someone who is entering menopause. The priority, however, is always the same. How we educate you and offer you the right answers based on where you are in your life and guide you on a path to wellness now and in the future.

Our Services

Improving Looks, Changing Lives

Aesthetic Medicine

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Menopause Management

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Bone Health

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Body Wellness

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Hormone Optimisation

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Sexual Health

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How it works

Making What’s Good Even Better

We believe that we are all bio-farmers at heart. We are here to perpetually continue to grow and change the landscape of our lives. With seeds of education, options, hope and collaboration we can change the fruits of our experience and legacies we will leave behind.




New Body

Why Choose Us

Restore. Rejuvenate. Rejoice

Dr Roberta Corona

Medical Director

“Because we always provide the best and quality service for you and your future”

Your health is a deeply personal subject, it’s often times uncomfortable to talk about. We understand this and we ensure that your are always in a safe, open and welcoming space for any conversation.

Attentive Staff & Doctors

Every solution starts with a conversation, We empower our patients with choice and control.

We Listen

Our patients know their bodies best.

We keep it simple.

We will honour and cherish the time of each patient, no complicated jargon, just what you need to know.

Value Oriented

Just because you 'can' doesn't always mean you 'should'. We always select the best options needed for you


What Patients Say

“We always give our best to satisfy your needs”

I have had wonderful experiences every time I have been to BIOCONNECT. The entire staff is friendly, positive and attentive. Dr. Corona has treated me holistically and effectively. Highly recommend. I have had wonderful experiences every time I have been to BIOCONNECT. The entire staff is friendly, positive and attentive. Dr. Corona has treated me holistically and effectively. Highly recommend.

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Melissa Fisher Client

What a lovely experience. I avoided seeing a doctor for years after having kids because I was so tired of being poked and prodded, but from the moment you walk in, there’s something about this office that just makes you feel celebrated and supported as a woman and it’s so refreshing and empowering. It’s a beautiful serene clinic, the staff is wonderfully friendly and Dr Roberta is so warm and easy to talk to. Highly recommend!

Portraits by Josee Client

I have been scared to visit a medical clinic for a very long time. From the moment you walk into the clinic, you are greeted by such a warm and friendly face.

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Chantelle Roach Client

I had a gynaecological consult done with Dr Roberta Corona. She listened to all the issues at hand and right away came up with several plans to get all of them solved. She has vast knowledge on the field of menopause. We did several tests (bone density, ultrasound and blood work), all done at the same time so no need to go to other locations and get in line or make new appointments anywhere else and omg ! I have to say it was the first time I ever had a pleasant visit with a gynaecologist. Ladies! Listen up! If you are like me and you feel uncomfortable or have a sensitive pelvic area, I tell you! Look for this doctor ! She is the gentlest doctor I’ve ever visited. I give Bioconnect a 10 out of 10. Great service, amazing location and stunning office with extraordinary people.

Relaxing with a good read
Michelle S. Nicholas Client

Had the pleasure of visiting n Monday for a dermaplane facial have to say lovely welcome treatment was sublime and what I Really liked was the ambiance in the room - no silly whale or bird music just normal gentle music that you can relax and relate to - and the facial was the best I’ve had here in Barbados definitely worth a visit and I will be returning for sure - Thankyou for a relaxing time.

Young woman stands at window and opens curtains back view.
Linda White Client

The Emsella isn’t just for urinary incontinence. I was recommended Emsella treatments for a variety of reasons. First and foremost a condition called Pelvic Congestion Syndrome where blood flow issues result in painful inflammatory conditions like haemorrhoids and a strained pelvic floor. I also had a c-section in 2017 which had left me a little numb in the muscles under my scar and the onset of that infamous mommy-pouch was a constant battle. I felt immediate results after my first Emsella session, like someone was fastening my internal corset. Each session built on the next and after the two weeks were done I was amazed. Not only did I feel a reconnection to that numbness under my c-section scar, I was dead-lifting weights twice as heavy effortlessly. My energy levels rose, my hormones felt more balanced, my sex-drive increased and most notably my ultrasound reports show improvement with my pelvic congestion syndrome. I have continued with monthly treatments to help continue to improve my condition as well as my connection to my pelvic floor. I highly recommend this to anyone who has been having trouble feeling like themselves after having children.

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NAMS developed a competency examination program in 2002 to

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