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What is a skin booster treatment? 

The skin booster treatment is a contemporary approach to deep-skin hydration and skin nourishment. Skin boosters are used to enhance collagen production, skin texture, quality, and appearance and bolster results. This procedure is designed to lessen wrinkles, creases, fine lines, sunspots, and related skin issues rapidly.

Many patients who are looking to revive their skin lean into skin boosters as it delivers subtle volume by gently plumping the skin. 

Skin booster  FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyaluronic acid is the primary component in the skin booster treatment. Hyaluronic acid is a biological substance found naturally  in the human body. It helps hydrate and maintain the skin year-round however, the natural aging process as well as exposure to sun, smoking and pollution can decrease its amount in the skin. With skin boosters, you are able to retain your hyaluronic acid levels and produce new, healthier skin.

The treatment uses hydrating microinjections to freshen the skin. A topical anesthetic cream is applied ten minutes before the procedure commences.

While the treatment is not painful, it can cause little discomfort in some patients. Here at BioConnect we offer the latest  in-office pain relief that can be added to make the treatment as pain-free as possible. 

Once the treatment is complete, the skin will appear youthful, radiant, and tighter. Results can last for as long as 1 year at a time. Many patients report results lasting longer and crossing the year mark. Patients are advised to do 2-3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart but you will see amazing results after the very first treatment. For optimal value, patients are recommended to come in for regular annual sessions.

This treatment is perfect for a wide range of areas including the neck, face, hands, and décolletage and offers vast improvements in skin texture and skin hydration, improves dehydrated skin and signs of acne scarring. It works on all skin types and is one of the most versatile treatments for men/women and the treatment can be catered to your individual needs.

  • Profhilo
  • Revok 50
  • Radiesse
  • Revive
  • Deep hydration
  • Improved skin texture
  • Improved signs of aging
  • Improved acne scarring
  • Improved photo pigmentation signs
  • Improved Firmness
  • Enhanced Elasticity (Elastin and Collagen Building)
  • Natural and Subtle
  • Fast-Acting Results
  • Ongoing Benefits In The Long-Term
  • One of the best treatments for a crepey neck 

Skin boosters are a great option for patients who do not wish anti-wrinkle injections or fillers but still wish to restore their skin.

Skin booster can however be added to any treatment to create the look and feel you wish for your skin. Ask our medical team to see what treatment is best for your needs and we will create the best plan for you. 

At a glance

At a glance


Anesthetic Required

30 Mins

Appointment Time

Bee Sting

Pain or Discomfort


10-15 Mins


3-4 Months Apart

Conditions Treated

Skin boosters are used to enhance collagen production, skin texture, quality, and appearance and bolster results.

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