The Menopause Roadmap


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The Menopause Roadmap

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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to menopause.

At BioConnect we are menopause experts, we have the first specialized menopause practitioner in Barbados and the Caribbean. We will work with you to understand and manage your unique symptoms and conditions at any stage of your healthcare journey and you can trust us that we will provide you with evidence-based advice and treatment. 

Our consultation process is designed to provide you with a personalised, holistic menopause treatment plan, and the ongoing care and support that will help you take control of your symptoms and your life and ultimately to get you back to feeling fantastic again.

The typical patient journey is a marathon, it is not a sprint. It takes time and dedication to find the perfect plan and will require some adjustment during the course, but we are committed to hold your hand to the finish line! 

Our process of Care

The first stage is all about you. To get started we will collect information on your medical history, all the menopause symptoms you are experiencing and how they are affecting you. It is really important to take some time to give us as much information as possible so that it can be reviewed by the doctor ahead of time and can be best prepared for your visit and spend the time more efficiently talking about your actual problem and solution to it. 

The second stage 

During a 45-minute initial consultation, our NAMS gynaecologist will listen to your story, your symptoms and feelings to create a detailed profile of your current state of health. Our in-patients may receive a breast and pelvic exam where necessary while our telemedicine patients are guided to their immediate next steps. We can then take on-the-spot tests specifically for what we need. As an example we could test for your reproductive hormones, Oestrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEAS and even Cortisol. We can also consider a complete thyroid evaluation, a glucose metabolism test, your liver and kidney function, a lipid panel and nutritional deficiencies.

We use all of this information to create a holistic, tailored plan with you so that, together, we can address your specific menopausal journey.

The third stage

A 30-minute follow-up visit is scheduled as soon as your test results come back from the lab (usually 2-4 weeks from your initial consultation). We can use this time to understand the implications of your combination of specific results and determine the best evidence-based approach to help you take control of your symptoms.

The fourth stage 

6-8 weeks later your doctor will want to review your progress and symptoms with you so that we can make adjustments to your plan where necessary. This consultation might last 20 minutes but it doesn’t stop there. We stay in regular contact to make sure you are always on the right track so we may want to schedule subsequent visits until we have the optimal hormonal balance for you. We recommend annual check-ups thereafter.

What is a Certified Menopause Practitioner and NAMS?

A Certified Menopause Practitioner (CMP) is a healthcare professional who has obtained specific, specialised training, education and certification in the field of menopause and women’s health. This certification is particularly for the perimenopause, menopause and postmenopausal stages of life. CMPs come from various disciplines including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. It is a commitment to helping women manage and understand the changes occurring in their bodies during these transitional phases.

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) certifies medical practitioners who demonstrate the knowledge and expertise to provide evidence-based care that is individualised according to their patients’ menopause-related symptoms and health concerns.

As experts in menopause management, CMPs help women navigate the complex physical, emotional, and mental changes associated with menopause. They offer the most effective guidance and treatments to women suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and sleep disturbances. CMPs are also able to address long-term health concerns such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and hormonal imbalances.

Your menopause journey is not a sprint but a marathon. It takes time and dedication to find the perfect plan but with our help and some adjustments we will hold your hand all the way to the finish line.

You can, of course, always come back sooner if you need us. We are here to make your life better!

The typical patient journey is a marathon, it is not a sprint. It takes time and dedication to find the perfect plan and will require some adjustment during the course, but we are committed to hold your hand to the finish line!

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NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP)

As the definitive resource for menopause and other midlife healthcare issues,
NAMS developed a competency examination program in 2002 to

  • Set the standards for menopause practice
  • Assist women in locating clinicians who could provide optimal menopause-related healthcare

To learn more please view the NAMS website here.

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