Vanquish ME


Get permanent fat reduction by targeting the abdomen, muffin-tops and thighs. The Vanquish ME will help you lose up to 2-4 inches from your waistline.

This treatment works best for diet and sport-resistant fat deposits. You don’t need to carry around that burden any longer.

It’s pain-free and non-invasive. Patients describe it like a heating pad and there is no discomfort or downtime.


This is the world’s most advanced system for body shaping and circumferential reduction. The device has the largest spot size in the industry, treating the entire abdominal area and thighs as well as the option to arms. The system ensures an unrivalled level of patient comfort and safety.

Vanquish ME will launch you on the journey to jump start the loss of fat from your problem areas. Whether this be your abdomen, back, flanks, arms or thighs.

With confidence you can expect to lose up to 4 inches doing your Vanquish ME sessions once a week for 6 weeks. What you lose in fat you gain in confidence!

But this journey isn’t only about loss, it’s about gain! Gaining tools to be the BEST version of you.

Stepping away from life to fill up your own tank can sometimes be interrupting but what happens when the experience not only tackles fat loss but also incorporates self-care and love! 

Your tank is full and you are ready to do life again. Sometimes we truly have to slow down and fill up in order to go again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Vanquish ME is suitable for women and men regardless of BMI (Body Mass Index). The device is designed to reduce the circumference of your abdomen and thighs.

Vanquish uses non-invasive radiofrequency that heats the skin and destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction to the circumference of your abdomen and thighs.

The treatment is non-invasive, non-contact and no recovery time is needed. Vanquish Me is designed for those who desire aesthetic improvements and want results but don’t want to undergo the risks and downtime of a surgical procedure.  

The treatment will be tailored by the provider. We suggest a number of 6 sessions, spaced 1 week apart.

During the treatment the patient lies comfortably on a table, allowing them to relax. All the person will feel is a warm sensation in the treated area that can last for a few hours after the therapy.

You may start noticing improvements 2-3 weeks after your first treatment, with optimal improvements within the following months as your series of treatments progress.

It’s possible to enjoy long-lasting improvements with Vanquish ME, if associated with stable weight and healthy lifestyle. We may recommend periodic maintenance treatments to help you maintain your results for the long-term.

6 sessions will be needed to complete the course of the treatment. The cost of the package is $3,000.

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